Charity Donations

When we undertake mainly full house clearances, we get many items that are too good to be disposed of into landfill waste but  do not have a high resale value, charity shops welcome these items as they raise money for good causes.

We donate many items on a weekly basis to local charities,

We currently donate many to the Salvation Army and Sue Ryder shops in and around Peterborough.

These items may only sell for £1.00 – £5.00 in their shops , but it helps in raising money and also helps those on benifits

and low incomes, these items maybe , Kitchenalia, pots & pans, bric a brac, ornaments, prints and pictures, clothes, shoes, books,cds,dvds, records, etc.

If you would like us to donate to a particular charity of your choice, we are more than willing to do this for you, if they have a branch in Peterborough.